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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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views of san francisco, but tonight, there are new concerns about radioactive contamination on treasure island. these latest concerns could end up stalling plans for a residential high-rise community on the island. monty francis joins us on treasure island with new details. >> reporter: the navy has admitted that the radioactive contamination on the island is more widespread than they originally thought. and now they contend that the cleanup has been mishandled. tourists often stop on treasure island for the breathtaking views, unaware that signs warn of possible radioactive contamination. today we found crews taking soil samples of one of the sites and a -- >> whether or not it poses a health hazard, we still don't even know, we know there's radioactive materials, we just
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don't know what the quantities are. >> sol is the director of the environmental group, he says that there's been concern about radioactive contamination on treasure island for decade. he says the revelation could complicate plans to build a 7,000 residential high-rise on the island. >> the city's position is the navy will take care of it, we'll just build the buildings, we'll make sure the buildings get built. >> the former navy base use -- internal e-mails uncovered by our media partner, the bay accident show the u.s. navy attempted to prevent health officials from putting their concerns about the radioactive cleanup to writing. a navy manager, quote, said i don't believe comments will be needed but a health department physicist won't be needed
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anyway. the navy took 1,600 soil samples and tested them only for contamination, not for radio activity. >> the e-mails certainly are cause for concern if not alarm. >> former san francisco supervise aaron peskin is suing treasure island's developer and hopes to block the project. >> navy officials not only are burying their heads in the sand, they do not want to know and get to the bottom of the truth about radiological contamination on treasure island. >> and within the last hour, the navy issued this response to us. quote, treasure island is a safe place to live and work, all cleanup work on the island is conducted under plans approved by the state, with the highest priority given to safety to ensure the public is protected through measures that include dust control, fencing, signage and a measurement of airborne particles.
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the lawsuit involving the developer is due back in court on november 10. and you can see the full investigation by going to our website, nbc bay mon the construction continues in san francisco's neighborhood where an entire intersection is still shut down. there is some good news, residents of a dozen homes evacuated yesterday, are back in their houses tonight. the ruptured 42-inch pipe tore a 40 by 40-foot home at the intersection of cora and sunnydale avenue. fixing the entire thing could take as much as a week. now the focus is on what caused the water main break which is said to be only a year old to break in the first place. >> it could have been construction related, it could have been a material defect. it's just too early to tell.
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>> i have a child, i work, and i have a special child so we have to continue with life. >> a fence has been put around the sink hole but drivers will have to detour. a suspicious dianne feinstein is now demanding that the federal trade commission investigation spiking gas prices after the recent fire at the chevy oil refinely in richmond. other refineries increased their output to compensate. feinstein calls the situation intolerable. >> we have got to really look at this and see whether it's the use of market power, for profit or it's really supply and demand, because if it were supply and demand, prices would drop. >> according to the senator's numbers, california's gas prices have gone up 30% in three weeks, that's more than double the
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increase nationwide. we're following some developing news in southern california, 11 people are hurt after an elderly driver plowed into a group of parents and children, across the street from an elementary school in south los angeles. nine children are among the injured, four of them are in serious condition at a local hospital. police say the 100-year-old driver lost control and went over the curb and on to the sidewalk with his cadillac. some of the children were trapped underneath of his car. the accident happened moments after the school had been let out for the day. an early morning fire gutted a popular business in the south bay. the summer winds plant nursery is almost a complete loss, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. >> this nursery is in south san jose and has been fighting flare-ups throughout the afternoon. stephany trong has the story. >> horror then shock.
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>> reporter: it was an intense fire fueled by fertilizers and pesticides stored inside. as debris rained down t embers ate away at the wooden beams and the sign that held the company's name began to melt. and it's the almost 50-year history this nursery has logged that makes the aftermath so difficult. he started working here in 1980 when it bore the woolworth name. firefighters are confident the blaze was accidental, though they haven't determined the exact cause, fire officials trace the origin to an area around the electrical panel. they determined the 10,000 square feet building was a total loss and stopped fighting with water so the fire could eat the chemicals in inside. >> insecticides and pesticides are toxic to the environment, that's what they do, they kill pests so our goal was to keep it
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out of the river. >> reporter: hazmat crews tested and cleared the ground water levels. but for neighbors like chris monaghan who's been shopping here for decades, the worry isn't the water, but the people who work here. >> we don't need anymore unemployment, especially with a good group like here. >> we value our employees a lot and we will be back, we value our employees a lot and they will be taken care of. the officer involved in the deadly shooting of a teenager in south san francisco back in june will not face criminal charges. today the san mateo county district attorney announced that the shooting was justifiable. the da says officer joshua cabillo was in fear of his life when he shot and killed the teenager on may 56789.
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investigators however determined that the gun on the ground wasn't loaded. the gains family attorney john burr says he didn't surprised by the da's decision, but he says the family is moving forward with a civil lawsuit. the family claims the teen was targeted by the officer because he was black. fremont police are hoping you can help identify two men who robbed a gas station this morning, just before 4:00 a.m. take a look at these surveillance photos just released by investigators. they say the suspects entered the arco gas station, punched the clerk and then stole several packings of cigarettes. the clerk had minor injuries. video available from a san pablo robbery. this man walked into bonn fair market on 23rd street and as you can see, stuck a gun into the clerk's face and demanded money. the suspect was given $190 and then ran off. the gunman described as a black
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male in his mid 20s. anyone with information is urged to call the san pablo police department. it's a question a lot of people in san jose are asking, how do we stop the recent spike in gang violence? san jose city leaders say the way to stop a bullet is a job. but who would hire someone with a criminal record? david is live at the center who provides job training to young adults. does that include people who have a record? >> reporter: yes, it does include people who have a criminal background. it's basic training like filling out a resume and cover letter. those little things are making a big difference. you will find rival gang members here inside the same classroom but they have their sights on the bier picture. >> isaiah, you want to read the question for number 11? >> reporter: this is where they come when they have had enough of the streets. >> i'm here to try to get a job.
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>> reporter: that's after bouncing in and out of jail, a feeling elizabeth campos knows all too well. >> i got striked. i was told if i got in trouble one more time i was going to do six more years in prison. >> reporter: so they turn to the future work program, elizabeth already has a job and is now in college. >> it's a second chance for me, this whole thing, even until this day is a second chance. >> reporter: it's a program that gives kids like elizabeth a second chance. >> it's kids typically who are out of school, gone through high school, may or may not have their diploma, are the kind of kids that are ripe for gang activity. >> this is a solution to san jose's growing violence and it might not be possible with companies like green mountain recycling which requires a lot of the graduates, people with a shady past. >> i don't see that as a risk.
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i see that i provide an opportunity for isaiah, and other folks like isaiah. >>ize aa is isaiah garcia. >> this is called the testing area where i work. >> reporter: isaiah worked the work for future program. >> i had a bad start, i was looking for a new start. >> reporter: among other duties at green mouse, isaiah also recycles lap tops. >> that's basically it, i want to be part of that growing trend that's on the good side. >> a side the city is eager to display in the midst of chaos on the streets. and keep in mind that a resume comes with the backing of the city of san jose. this center helps about 200 to 300 youth every year. we're live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you. still ahead here at 6:00, the president getting social with a little help from a bay area company. and the wake of that
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salmonella square will show you the new app to show you where your family's food is coming from. >> a major league honor for the boys in petaluma. >> some major warming, at least compared to what we had this weekend. from 72 in livermore, all the way to 94. and from 74 in san ramon to 89. we'll let you know when this heat will break coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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with one in five californians lacking medical insurance, the census reports that we have the highest uninsured rates in the nation. we're number nine on the list at 20.7%. texas was number one on the list with 26.3%. massachusetts was 5.2%.
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california's county with the highest rate of medically insured residents is marin, which is also to the county with the highest income. new tonight at work. a new study from uc berkeley, shows people hired through staffing agencies, are twice as likely to live in poverty as other employees. jody hernandez joins us in richmond this evening and shows some of the new research. >> researchers call it a troubling trend, this richmond job center, like many centers across the bay area, provide support and services to folks who are looking for work, but it seems many folks are now settling for temporary positions. a new study suggests temporary workers may be getting shortchanged. >> it's really tough not knowing from day to day what's going to happen. >> heather mekosh loves her jobs, working at an east bay
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pharmaceutical company. the only problem, she's been working there as a temp for more than two years. >> as a temporary employee, you don't have any benefits so i'm scrambling for medical health coverage and i don't get any paid time off. >> she's by no means alone. a new study by uc berkeley's labor center finds that the number of temporary workers in california is on the rise. >> the temp worker would make about 18% less per hour than the nontemperatu nontemp and it's also likely to make less. >> temp workers are about twice as likely as nontemps to receive medicaid, to be on food stamps and to be in poverty. >> but companies are taking advantage of their temporary workforce, the trade groups that represents staffing agencies says that's not the case.
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>> employers are free to hire workers as they need them and employees can choose to work when and where they want. so there are advantaged on both sides. we think it's a generally a win-win situation. >> it's very unnerving, adds a lot of stress to your life. >> mikosh who was laid off in 2008 says he's grateful she's been able to earn a paycheck and keep her skills sharp, but being a temp has been tough. >> i love the job that i do and it's one i would like to continue doing, but because of the situation as a temp employee, i have to constantly be looking for other positions because i never know if one day i'm going to come in and there's not going to be a position for me. >> now mikosh is crossing her fingers that she will soon land a permanent position. but until then, like so many others, she must watch every
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penny she spends as she hopes her work ethic will be reported. >> we hope she gets something soon. well, it appears a continuing budget cuts to higher education have caught up with california community colleges. new numbers show enrollment is down 17% from its peak in 2008 to 2009. during that school year, there were nearly 3 million students enrolled. last year, attendance dropped to 2.4 million. state budget cuts have forced the school to cut the number of classes they offer by nearly a fourth. at the same time students' costs have soared. so who stole the ipads? uc berkeley says 29 ipads were stolen from the hall of science. the thefts occurred sometime between june 15 and august 10. last month a cal grad and another person were arrested for
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the theft of 39 desk top computers from mullford hall on campus, and back in july, 10 lap tops were stolen from a nearby housing complex. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, as we crawl towards, we have a holiday weekend coming up, right? >> for all of you who do have it off, for today, a warmup with us as advertised. a pretty warm wednesday out here, close to 100 in livermore, my weather watcher steve calling that in, also my weather watcher archer, reporting 99 in los gatos. it's all about the north wind this time of year and we are seeing that throughout the peninsula and the south bay, that was enough to get those temperatures hotter. but what you'll notice out of san francisco, that's out of the west at 13. that is promising a little bit of haze and the marine layer is
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trying to get going, and it's going to have a tough time tonight. we're not expecting a huge fog event tomorrow morning, if you're -- otherwise on the current numbers, it's mild for this time of night. it's real comfortable in livermore at 93. and moving on to the warmest in lirmore. here's the large picture, no fog at the immediate coastline, at least widespread fog, but as we head into the weekend, we do have this upper level of low pressure that's going to be developing. no rainfall with this for us, but temperatures do look to drop about 5 to 10 degrees. otherwise for thursday, mid 80s here by the bay, and for those interior valleys, another gorgeous california day with plenty of sunshine coming our way. here's a sneak peek at that three-day forecast, if you want the seven, you got to wait another 25 minutes. i know you can do it. breaking news now from
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pacifica, right now firefighters are searching a home on claridge drive, firefighters tell us the fire started just after 5:00 this evening, so about an hour ago and was knocked out pretty quickly. we're also told that eight adults and one child live in this home, but so far they've only been able to account for six of those residents. once again, this is a house fire in pacifica, we'll continue to follow this breaking story and bring you updates as we get them. standing up against soda, the hollywood celebrity getting behind a controversial idea in one bay area city. and wells fargo has fired a worker over a minor crime that occurred nearly 50 years ago.
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he's a very social president, he's all over twitter and facebook, so why not add
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another bay area social ned working company. >> president obama said he would allow anybody to ask anything. >> the president spent part of his day talking to a social site called reddit. it's based in san francisco and it lets people communicate with each other voting on the best and worse comments while hosting a conversation. today a surprise visit who went on the site about 1:00 this afternoon and posted ask me anything. obama answered a range of questions about afghanistan, internet freedom, even the beer consumed at the white house. across the bay in oakland, pandora is separating it's seventh anniversary in style with a better than expected earnings report. still losing money but seeing a rise in subscribers. even happier, yelp investors who might have been worried this
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morning because 52 million shares of the social rating company could have been sold today. and the story raising the most eyebrows today is probably this one, wells fargo, the big estebaning headquartered here in the bay area, has fired an employee because he put a dime into a dollar laundry matd -- wells fargo for its part releasing this statement saying if they find an employee has a criminal history or breach of trust, they can no longer employ them. another former wells fargo employee says she was recently fired because of a shoplifting charge from 1972. so be careful, it's not just those facebook pictures that can get you in trouble. rog and jessica, we're all being tracked. hold on for a wild ride, a local amusement park will --
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construction is under way at santa clara's great america on what's being called the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in northern california, it's called the goeltd striker. it will feature high speed turns and drops in just two minutes. it stands 108 feet high and will get up to speeds of up to 54-mile-per-hour. >> this is has been the heart and soul of our agricultural and now sports and now amusement center. >> you can bid in an auction. proceeds will go directly to the 49ers foundation, which supports local children's charities. the ride is set to open next spring. some of the world's best baseball players got to spend time with the hottest team in major league baseball. this year the -- the boys, the little ones, will take the field
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with the men in a special pre-game ceremony before the as-red sox game at the coliseum. >> it will be a standing ovation, i guarantee. still ahead here at 6:00, the big change that could be coming. plus the republican national convention gears up for a big night as vice presidential candidate paul ryan takes the stage. and a downgrade for isaac, the latest on the hurricane turned tropical storm and why gulf coast residents say the storm may be getting even more dangerous. a navy s.e.a.l.s conflicting account on what really went down in the capture of osama bin laden. and what went wrong that put air traffic controllers in a panic, in your international headlines next.
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like most political conventions, the list of speakers and the timing in which they speak is carefully corps es straited. >> nbc bay area steve handelsman is live in tampa and steve, the goal is tonight for the romney campaign? >> good evening from tampa. the goal tonight is the same as the goal last night. and big-time. the goal tomorrow night, to convince undecided american voters who they dearly hope will tune in to the one hour of coverage tonight to decide, along with the republican delegates here that america needs a change and that they can trust mitt romney and paul ryan to be the new team. paul ryan styles himself as a young gun, a leader of the young republicans who much to the
6:31 pm
delight of delegates here tend to be very conservative have taken over the republican party and pushed hard for a strong response to what they see as america headed over a fiscal cliff. so look for romney tonight to say, look, believe us when we say things are bad, but also believe us when we say we can fix it, here's some of what paul ryan said today. >> i think he'll come across as an exciting new face, somebody that understands, somebody that's bright, somebody that knows how to get the economy back together. >> reporter: what about paul ryan becoming president. >> i have not an issue with that at all. >> delegates talking about ryan recognizing that he's really got two things to do tonight. number one, to sell his vision of america's problem and the ability of him and mitt romney to solve the problem, and secondly, to make sure that americans feel comfortable that
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if, god forbid, mitt romney were to not be able to continue as president, that paul rye yaan co it. condoleezza rice says she's perfectly happy being a professor at stanford. she'll warn that if america doesn't get its fiscal house in order, that it will lose credibility and power and will be less safe in the world because of that. so that's what's ahead tonight, there's no question that ryan is going to rock this house, the question is whether he can win over undecided voters who again they hope will be watching. >> all right, thank you very much. steve handelsman reporting, live from florida for us. tropical storm isaac continues to wreak havoc on the gulf coast with no sign of letting up any time soon. punishing winds topping 70 miles an hour, coupled with torrential
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rain and flooding forced the evacuation of 3,000 people in a neighborhood outside of new orleans. officials say a levee was overtopped by the water for the mississippi, sending as much as ten feet of water rushing towards residential neighborhoods and flooding more than 800 homes. earlier today, isaac was downgraded from a category 1 hu hurricane to a tropical storm storm. >> bottom line is this storm is a very slow moving storm. we'll be dealing with this storm through early friday morning. >> this wasn't supposed to be a katrina. it's turning out for the east bank to be as bad if not worse. we have areas on the east bank that flooded that never flooded in katrina. >> fallen trees, downed power lines, those have left nearly half million people without
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electricity. no word yet on when the power may be restored and one bright spot, no reports of any injuries. >> jeff, you have had a lot of experience covering these hurricanes and storms. >> with this storm system, it needs to get some forward motion, it's going to take a long time for that to happen, another 24 hours of these relentless rains, it's not only been that, but this wall of water, that storm surge that has been so nonstop. again, pushing up anywhere from ten to 12 feet of water in southern louisiana. there it is on the loop and you can see with the storm center only moving 150 miles an hour and 20% to the north. here you can see, current winds at 60 miles an hour, central pressure extremely strong for a tropical storm, 24 hours out now from landfall. this is remarkable, it's something that probably will go down in terms of history here in the record books for how long this storm system has hung on. now for the folks in louisiana,
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the flooding concerns will continue for the next 36 hours, shell beach, louisiana had one of the highest peak surges at nearly 11 feet. so not only the water that is still high there, but what they're also going to be considering is another five to ten inches of rainfall in the next 36 hours. and here's the thing, this storm system looks to continue to hold on by friday, as a tropical depression over arkansas and we may even see remnants of this storm go as far north as chicago. the winds were so strong that it actually made the mississippi river flow backwards for a full 24 hours yesterday. that's power of this hurricane and mother nature. conflicting new details ona raid that killed osama bin laden. >> janell wang is in with our international headlines on this book. >> more details are emerging from the book "no easy stay". the book is a first hanged account from a u.s. navy
6:36 pm
s.e.a.l. bin laden was looking out his -- the white house had said that bin laden was killed after resisting capture. government officials stay it's not surprising to hear discrepancies of what happened, saying that in any bomb cat situation, participants usually come away with different accounts of what happened. the author says he has no desire to compromise national security, he just wants to show americans how honored he is to serve his country. embattled syrian president made a rare appearance today giving an interview to a pro government news channel. president assaad defended his regime's course of action and said that he had no plans of backing down soon. he -- opposition forces say more than 20,000 people have been killed since the uprising began
6:37 pm
18 months ago. leaders from the middle east are meeting right now in iran to talk about the situation in syria. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon is also in tehran for the summit. iran and syria are allies and the secretary general says iran is crucial in trying to establish -- a meeting is also taking place in asia to strengthen relationships in that region. japanese and north korean officials are holding their first joint government talks in four years in the city of beijing. the two nations hope to build a formal diplomatic relationship. and finally, reports of a hijacked plane sent military fighter jets scrambling over amsterdam today. a loss of communication between the crew and control tower caused officials to fear the plane had been hijacked. crew and all 180 passengers
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landed safely. want more trouble for those who just can't leave the cell phone alone. the moving violation that could soon make a much bigger dent in your wallet and could also impact your driving record. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri, in this 6:00 hour, we're tracking warm temperatures across the east bay, holding on to some low 90s from livermore up to concord, and if you're looking for a cool day tomorrow, not going to happen, but we'll talk about some changes coming up in that seven-day.
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the city of richmond has put some hollywood star power behind the attempt to tax sodas and
6:41 pm
other sugary drinks, the actor and activist said the science is there. a companion measure would encourage the millions of dollars raised to be spent on sports programs and anti-obesity efforts. getting caught using a cell phone while driving could soon cost you now, governor brown is now considering raising the fine from $20 to $30. that means after fines and fees the real cost for a first offense will be about $200. it's about $160 right now. repeat offenders could pay as much as $370. under the new bill, getting caught more than once will put points on the driver's record. >> i heard it was pretty incredible along the beaches today. >> you know what we're talking about, a lot of sunshine and
6:42 pm
temperatures in the 70s. here's some blue sky, we'll talk about some seven-day forecast, some cooler weather for some that like that ocean ac. why yankees general manager brian cashman isn't surprised that melky cabrera used performance enhancing drugs.
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nnchts health matters, hospital maternity wards do lots of tests on newborn babies. the state natt has approved a bill that would mandate the test bringing california in line with modern medical standards. professional groups support the law that now goes back to the assembly. it turns out low calorie diets will not -- reeces -- the skinny monkeys did not live any longer than those with average weights. the cause of death were the same in both the underfed and the normally fed monkeys. the findings also show that
6:45 pm
genetics and dietary composition meant more than calorie counts when it came to living longer. people have been asking for a way to -- series of recent food related recalls. now there's an app for that. nbc bay area's kimberly terry has more on this food tracking program. >> reporter: before this food get skbos your refrigerator, it can make a long journey from the farm to the market. if you want to know how it got here, there's an app for that. >> what we have done, we have connected the farmer a little bit more closer to the grocery aisle. so more and more you're seeing the brands like these embracing technology to show where your food is coming from. we work with thousands of farmers all over the world to
6:46 pm
put traceability codes on their packages. these mushrooms, has a unique code. simply to scan it and instantly find out where it was grown and when. >> this is -- when there's a recall, particularly like mangos today, it's not clear which ones were affected. that means everybody's affected. we saw this with tomatoes and with spinach. so the first benefit for the farmer is narrowing to a small part of their product or probably not their product at all. >> reporter: in the last three years, harvest mark has made food more traceable. >> it's a pretty good idea. >> i think that's a great idea. i would love to know where my produce came from. >> reporter: part of the plan -- enhance their track and trace capabilities. this is a work in progress, but
6:47 pm
one helped along by this kind of technology. in menlo park, kimberly terry, nbc news bay area news. i saw you downloading the app as we were in the story. >> it's very interesting and it's free so i'm going to check it out after that story. >> you're going to do some reporter involvement and check it out. now we're going out to jeff ranieri, is there an app for you, jeff? >> not that i know of. we did get close to 100 degrees back in the east bay, with 97, not record setting heat. anywhere from 77 in san francisco, which by the way was spectacular today, to 90 in redwood city, so a rare, warm day again in san francisco and also in oakland. not too much in the way of an onshore flow. these numbers would already be in the 50s and also the 60s. so you got it, another mild night coming your wachlt. les take you out to the sky cam network, we're always on fog
6:48 pm
watch, but no onshore flow. if you're headed into the city, you may still want to bring a jacket for tonight, because it will be first to cool off there. we have this separate area of low pressure sitting out in the pacific, it's going to continue to get closer, and eventually it's going to knock all this warm air we have had the past couple of days out of the way, then we'll get a sliver of this. we do think that we'll see this for saturday also for sunday. for the next 48 hours, primarily here for thursday and also into areas of fog at the coastline, also 50s and 60s, and for the interior valleys, we're going to gradually go down to a mixture of 70s and 80s, if you want the cooler weather, it's going to be coming here on friday. that's namely when a lot of those temperature also drop. tropical storm isaac, we have been updating you for the past couple of days, current winds at 60 miles an hour, a strong
6:49 pm
central pressure, it's going to slowly get a move on it. but here is the thing, if you're doing any traveling back to the east, what you're going to want to watch out for is by friday, could be a tropical aggressidep over arkansas. really anywhere you're headed may impact those flight plans so you want to check ahead on those flights. otherwise here on thursday, we'll have another warm to hot day down in the south bay, 93 in morgan hill, 90 in south bay. also 90 at pleasanton, 92 in livermore. 84 in hayward. fremont also 86, san francisco, are we going to do it? looks like those numbers are going to be up there again for tomorrow. 70, 79 in berkeley, 90 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, there's those changes you may want. your ac may get a little bit of a break here. on saturday, the fog comes back as well as the drizzle. by labor day, we know that's a popular time for people to head
6:50 pm
out to the beaches, we're expecting 90 degrees and maybe not so much fog. so out of those three days, monday may end up being the best day from the coast inland. >> monday with the holiday. >> we'll have a barbecue here on our back patio. i will be flipping burgers. >> i'll bring cupcakes. >> let's get to sports. henry wolford is at the comcast sports network. it's going to be a party on monday. >> you know, jessica, sounded good until rog said he was doing the cooking, i think that will pass. my stomach is not that strong, okay? let's get to some baseball, bay area fans were shocked when mel ke cabrera and bartolo colon failed drugs tests. both melky and cabrera both plays in new york.
6:51 pm
a boost to the players' stats made him scratch their head. >> when we had him every day regular, excellent for a downfielder and that's how we thought his ceiling was. as you know, he was starting for us in the world series, but we had him as a low end every day guy, not a national league mvp candida candidate. so i wasn't surprised. i think in bartolo's case, as he's done last year, as well as this year, after coming back from that surgery, makes you scratch your head. >> well, let's stick with baseball, giants going for their seventh win in nine games, hunter pence, signing autographs before the game. top of the first, angel pagan, a double to start things off, it was just a sign of what was next to come, because two batters later, one out for the panda, pablo sandoval, it's a flare to left, that's going to fall in, pga began, 1-0 san francisco.
6:52 pm
hunter pence, send one to the fence, pence. it's 4-0 san francisco. in the bottom of the third, astros down, jose scores, astros down 4-2, zito gets pulled, doesn't make it out of the third inning, however, giants are up 4-3 right now in the sixth inning. the guys from ok town, the as pitchers had not allowed a run in 12 consecutive innings. cabrera scores in 2-0 cleveland. chris carter doubles down the left-field line. this one will roll, then josh donaldson, stop messing around and go for it all. deep home run to left field,
6:53 pm
three-run shot. as take the lead 3-1. matt la puerta tags the base. and heads up running. on the bases, as are leading 6-2 in the eighth inning. all right over to hockey, sharks defensemen douglas murray is in new york attending the meetings involving labor discussions, tomorrow the nhl players association plans to have a counter proposal to the next elective bargaining agreement. both sides are trying to avoid a lockout on september 14. it's the summer before her senior year at stanford and mall lori burdette is making advances in the u.s. open. advancing today in her first major league tournament. burdette is sacrificing the money to return to school next month, the 21-year-old will face maria sharpova on friday.
6:54 pm
best of luck to her. all right, quarterbacks would like to be known for threat in the past, but the 49ers qb alex smith is getting attention to the threats he sports all the field. alex smith is on esquire's nfl best dressed list. take a look at this, the man with dress, ranked eighth on the list. smith dresses like he plays clean and under stated and reliable and then tom brady was number three. giants receiver, victor cruz was at the top of the list. and there's a rumor brian wilson is looking forward to making the mlb best dressed list. and with that tuxedo, i'm going to go out on a limb and say he might not make the list this year. >> he should be banned from that list. >> thanks a lot, henry. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, you can
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tonight at 7:00, obama's appearance on reddit. and tracking isaac in the gulf, we have team coverage, plus we're following a typhoon in asia and an inspiring story out of afghanistan where one disabled man is overcoming all odds to complete at the paraolympics in london. >> have a great evening, we hope to see you back at 11:00 as well. >> good night. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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